3 Ways To Beat The Effects Of Jet Lag


Overcoming jet lag after flying through multiple time zones is never easy. Most people are used to doing things based on a 24-hour clock cycle. When that’s drastically changed by flying halfway around the world, it helps to have a few ways to help a person’s body feel more normal for those first few days of their trip. Starting the trip well-rested, skipping the in-flight movie and staying awake after arrival will help make the transition easier.

Start The Trip Well-RestedĀ 

Leaving for a trip without taking time to rest beforehand is probably going to make a person not feel as well as they could during the first part of their trip. It’s best to rest for at least a 48-hour period before it’s time to travel. This gives a person a couple of peaceful, orderly days where they can make sure that they are fully energized for the adventure that’s quickly coming their way.

Skip The In-Flight Movie

While watching an in-flight movie may be tempting if it’s an exciting action flick or funny comedy that a person hasn’t seen, it’s usually best to grab a pillow and sleep for a few hours during a transatlantic flight. This should help a great deal as it gives the body a good chance to rest and be refreshed by the time that the plane lands. When the current time is announced by the pilot, it’s a good time to make sure that a person’s wristwatch is reset as well.

Stay Awake After ArrivalĀ 

It will help if the transition to the new local time is done as quickly as possible. It’s best to try and stay awake until it’s about early bedtime. Depending on the time when a person arrived, plans should be made to take one or more good walks until early in the evening. Exercise, daylight and fresh air are enemies of jet lag. The body will probably beg for sleep — it must be resisted.

The next morning may come early and trying to sleep a little more may be futile. At this point, getting out and enjoying the new sights and sounds as a new date starts to slowly come to life may give a person a chance to see their first sunrise in a foreign land.

from Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac’s Travel Blog http://bit.ly/2EHWVl3

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