Secluded in Southeast Athens

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If you’re going to be spending time in Koukaki, then you should know that there are several fine restaurants there for you to check out. You might not know where to look while you’re spending time secluded in the southeastern part of Athens, but this list will help you formulate a travel plan if you’re often guided by your stomach. Take a look at the following places where you can find superb food in Koukaki. 

Tuk Tuk

Those who are looking to experience ethnic food will enjoy spending time at Tuk Tuk. You can find great Asian cuisine at this restaurant and the Thai food is some of the best in the region. The unique and colorful nature of Thai street food is paired with Athenian aesthetics. It’s a great option if you’re looking to get takeout, but it offers a cozy environment for eating inside as well. 

Ines Rincon Mexicano

Ines Rincon Mexicano is another great place to visit if you’re looking for something besides Greek food. As you might expect by the name, this is a restaurant that provides amazing Mexican food. You can get quesadillas, tamales, and various types of tacos. If you have a taste for Mexican food, then you should stop by this restaurant at some point during your travels. 


Skoubri is a great restaurant for anyone who is seeking a traditional Greek seafood meal. You can enjoy fried or grilled fish at this location. They also have many unique creations for you to try such as mussels saganaki, which makes use of melted cheese. This is a very good restaurant that has been pleasing the masses for quite some time. 

Guarantee Sandwiches

Guarantee sandwiches is the destination for you if you want to enjoy classic deli-style sandwiches. Many different types of sandwiches are offered at this location. All the sandwiches are made using freshly baked bread from a renowned local bakery. The sandwiches at this location will surely be crowd-pleasers. 

Kalamaki Bar

Kalamaki Bar makes sense for families who wish to have a relaxed family meal. It offers families a friendly and safe environment to relax and enjoy a dining experience. The menu has many simple favorites as well as some interesting dishes that you can try. It’s also worth noting that this restaurant has many vegetarian options.

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